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As with all electrical and medical products, basic safety precautions should always be followed.



To reduce the risk of serious or fatal injury from electrocution:

1. Do not use or store product, especially the Charger/Adapter, where it can fall or be pulled into a bath tub, sink, water, or other liquid.

2. Do not reach for a product, especially the Charger/Adapter, that has fallen into water or other liquid. Unplug immediately.


To reduce the risk of serious or fatal injuries from electrocution, fire or burns and to reduce the risk of damage to the unit:

1. Do not use the DURA-NEB 2000 in the presence of flammable anesthetics, in a hazardous atmosphere, or with flammable agents.

2. Do not operate with a damaged cord or plug. Do not operate if the unit has otherwise been damaged or exposed to any liquids inside the case.

3. Keep all electrical cords away from heated surfaces. Do not overload wall outlets or extension cords.

4. Never cover the vents of the AC Charger/Adapter or the 12VDC Charger/Adapter (optional accessory) during use. Blockage could cause excessive heat build-up. Never leave the Charger/Adapter in the DURA-NEB carrying case while the Charger/Adapter is in use.

5. Be sure the Charger/Adapter is unplugged prior to cleaning.

6. Do not open the case or disassemble the compressor unit or the Charger/Adapter. Refer all servicing to an authorized servicing center.


To reduce the risk of serious or fatal injury or improper treatment:

1. Use the product only for its intended use as described in the Instructions For Use.

Do not use nebulizers or other attachments not recommended by the manufacturer for this device.

2. Close supervision is strongly recommended when this product is used by or near the physically or mentally impaired or children. Never use while sleepy or drowsy.

3. Never operate this product if it is not working properly or if any parts have been damaged. Return the product to an authorized service center for evaluation and repair.



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