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LC JET + Nebulizer
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Technical Specifications
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Dr. Harold S. Nelson of the National Jewish Medical and Research Center, and one of the lead investigators in the Xopenex (levalbuterol) Study, states, "We chose the PARI Compressor and Pari LC Plus Nebulizer for use in the clinical trials because in past comparative studies the PARI delivery system performed the best and proved to be the most reliable and effective."

National Jewish Medical and Research Center is ranked as the best hospital in the United States for pulmonary disease treatment by U.S. News & World Report, 1998 & 1999.


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Information on the

Pari LC Plus Reusable Nebulizer

LC Plus Technical Specifications &


Click Here! LC Plus & LC Star Nebulizer.PDF Adobe Acrobat File in 3 Languages  227 KB.

Price $14.90 - Pari LC Plus Nebulizer

Reusable Lasts 6 - 12 Months


Cystic Fibrosis (CF)

Pari LC Plus Nebulizer. Here's my tidbit to contribute:

We like the Pari LC Plus Nebulizer much better than previous ones we've used over the last 10 years. It can be boiled and is easy to shake dry, and easy to adjust for someone sitting in different positions so that the neb stays upright. It can be used with a mask or mouthpiece.

You may be interested to know that Dr Allan Coates at The Hospital for Sick Children (Toronto, Ontario) has done a study comparing different nebulizers and this is the one that he recommends, because it breaks up the medicine to an appropriate particle size and delivers more of the medicine than most others. As a result the Toronto Clinic (Largest CF Clinic in Canada) is switching its patients over to the PARI LC PLUS NEBULIZER. Dr Allan Coates has found delivery of more of the medication by using the mouthpiece than the mask.

He has also found that disposable nebulizers, after 2-3 uses gradually develop an enlarged channel that the medicine goes through and then can no longer deliver the optimum particle size. They really are intended to be single use and disposable like the package says!


PathoGenesis Corporation

TOBI a tobramycin solution

TOBI®, a tobramycin solution specifically designed for inhalation and indicated for the management of CF patients with Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

TOBI is administered using a PARI LC PLUS™ Reusable Nebulizer and DeVilbiss Pulmo-Aide® Compressor Model 5650D. Each 300 mg dose takes approximately 15 minutes to inhale and can be administered at home, work or school.


BUBBLES THE FISH Pediatric Aerosol Face Mask 44F7240
Click Here! BUBBLES THE FISH Pediatric Aerosol Face Mask.PDF Adobe Acrobat File in 3 Languages  95 KB.


BUBBLES THE FISH Pediatric Aerosol Face Mask 44F7240

BUBBLES THE FISH Pediatric Aerosol Face Mask 44F7240


This product is making a big "SPLASH" with children (over 3 years old) who use masks with their PARI Nebulizers. Front load design minimizes wastage as the aerosol rides in on the patient's breath stream. Compare this to traditional disposable masks that load from the bottom. Soft, comfortable fit and fun design increase patient compliance. Designed specifically for use with PARI Nebulizers.


Infant Baby Nebulizer and Face Mask Comes in 2 Baby Sizes.

Pari Baby Size 1 Face Mask $17

for Babies 1 Month to 1 Year. babymask.jpg (10036 bytes)

Pari Baby Nebulizer and Infant Face Mask - Pari LC Plus Nebulizer ($14.90) and Pari Baby Infant Face Mask Size 1 or Size 2 ($17)

Price for both Nebulizer and Infant Face Mask $31.90

Designed specifically for babies and young children under the age of 3, the PARI BABY™ combines efficient aerosol delivery with practical application. PARI BABY adapts to the needs of the patient by allowing treatments to be given in almost any position.

Pari Baby Size 2 Face Mask $17

for Children 1 to 3 Year.

Infant Nebulizer and Face Mask


For use with Pulmo-Aide 5650D Compressor, Pari Proneb Compressor, Proneb Turbo Compressor, Duraneb 3000 Portable Compressors, Walkhaler Cordless Compressor! Permanent LC Plus Nebulizer Reusable lasts for 6 to 12 Months!

Click Here! Pari Baby Nebulizer and Infant Face Mask.PDF Adobe Acrobat File in English  206 KB.



44F2401       $17.00 each   Infant Face Mask Baby Ages 1-12 months  -  Size 1 PARI BABY Face Mask Conversion Pak
44F2402       $17.00 each   Infant Face Mask Baby Ages 1-3 years  -  Size 2 PARI BABY Face Mask Conversion Pak
14F20-PVC   $2.00 each     Adult Face Mask - (PVC)
14F15-PVC   $2.00 each     Pediatric Face Mask - (PVC)
44F7240       $2.00 each     BUBBLES THE FISH Pediatric Aerosol Face Mask
41F05                Filter/Valve Set
41F0522P30      Expiratory Filter Pads (package of 30)
(PVC)=Polyvinylchloride (soft plastic)
Contact PARI Customer Service for information on Additional Accessories.




Introducing Pari Compressors & Nebulizer

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