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Honeywell enviracaire Air Cleaners

What is a Honeywell True HEPA Filter? High Efficiency Particulate Air

HEPA Filtration is recognized as one of the most efficient ways known to remove airborne particles and is almost exclusively used in medical, laboratory, and commercial applications where substantially clean air environments are required for human health and safety. All Honeywell HEPA air cleaners feature true HEPA filters.

True HEPA filters are certified to have a minimum effectiveness of 99.97% in capturing particles as small as 0.3 micron size from air passing through it. Particles of 0.3 micron size are the most difficult size particles to remove from the air, and easily pass into the body's respiratory system. This size is specifically used in the testing of Honeywell's true HEPA filters.

Honeywell's Surround Seal TM HEPA filter technology helps assure that virtually all of the air that is drawn into the air cleaner passes through the HEPA filter.

Recommended by Physicians

Removing irritating airborne particulates and allergens may reduce allergic reactions of people suffering from allergies, asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, and other respiratory problems. Many physicians recommend air cleaners as part of the treatment program for their patients.

Airborne particulates are generated continually by many common household sources. Honeywell HEPA Air Cleaners are effective in helping to remove these irritating airborne particulates, allergens, and pollutants from air that passes through the filter:

  • Pollen

  • Cat Dander

  • Tobacco Smoke Particles

  • Household Dust

  • Mold Spores

  • Airborne Bacteria

The #1 Choice of Physicians *

A. 94% of Physicians surveyed consider HEPA filtration to be the most effective.

B. 73% of Physicians surveyed recommend air cleaners to their patients as a part of their treatment program.

C. 74% of Physicians (B above) recommend a specific brand of air cleaner.

D. 89% of Physicians (C above) recommend Honeywell enviracaire by name.

*National Market Research Survey; "Portable Room Air Cleaners Physician Preference Study." Riter Research Inc. 1995. Physicians were selected at random from the American Academy of Allergy and Immunology. Survey data available upon request.

13520 Series HEPA Air Cleaners

* Riter Research Inc. "Portable Room Air Cleaners, Physician Preference Study



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