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Micro Lined 2 Ply
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Micro-Lined 2 Ply Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Micro-Filtration Vacuum Bag News

Home Care Industries   -  Micro - Lined 2 Ply Bags®

MICRO-FILTRATION . . . Micro-Lined® Vacuum Bags With Anti-Bacterial Bactrastat(tm) Is The Largest Break-through In Vacuum Bag Technology In Over 30 Years!

With today's emphasis on good health, Home Care Industries has developed Micro-Lined vacuum bags which trap most microscopic indoor irritants and pollutants that trigger most dust related allergies or discomforts. These new micro-filtration anti-bacterial vacuum bags with Bactrastat(tm) destroy germs and bacteria, and offer 99.7% filtration.

Micro-Lined vacuum bags are available for most major vacuum cleaners Their 2 ply construction combined with the use of Bactrastat(tm), an anti-bacterial agent, gives new meaning to the phrase "thorough cleaning."

Research indicates that indoor dust has been recognized for centuries as a significant asthma/allergy stimuli/trigger. Outdoor dust or plain dirt is a simple non-allergic irritant. However, indoor dust is a very complex mixture which contains cotton fibers, pollen, dust mites, food particles, bacteria, mold spores and numerous respiratory irritants. The majority of allergic asthmatics are sensitive to indoor house dust, and for many it is their on significant cause of respiratory problems.

Most microscopic indoor irritants and pollutants normally released back into the air whenever a carpet is vacuumed are trapped when using Micro-Lined bags. Vacuuming with other than a Micro-Lined bags can recirculate these contaminates back into the air an carpet.

The most dominant feature of the Micro-Lined bags is the ability to capture these common indoor irritants and pollutants.
Micro-Lined bags capture 99.7% of all dust, dirt, pollen and most other microscopic respiratory irritants and allergens down to 5 microns.

Micro-Lined bags are constructed with a revolutionary high-efficiency meltblown nonwoven inner liner. This greatly improves the filtration, strength, and dust capacity of the vacuum bag. The overall cleanability of the vacuum cleaner is also dramatically increased.

The meltblown Micro-Liner is formed of electrostatically charged discontinuous polypropylene micro fibers. It is the small size of these discontinuous fibers which makes meltblown an extremely efficient filter.

With today's awareness of indoor air quality, Micro-Lined vacuum bags are the perfect -solution for a cleaner and healthier environment.

The Amount of Vacuum Suction Loss:
This test was designed to measure the percentage of suction lost as predetermined quantities of A.S.T.M. (American Society of Testing and Materials) approved test dust are introduced the vacuum filter bag means of normal operation.

At 20 grams, the conventional bag lost 28.4% suction while the Micro-Lined bag lost only 4.4%. Each test was considered complete when a 60% loss of suction had occurred, which indicated the need for bag replacement.





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